Mahmu Yuzuki (弓月 マアム Yuzuki Maamu?) is a character that appears in the M3 the dark metal television series. She is a first year student at Kukunochi Academy and a member of Team Gargouile. She is not synchronized with anyone and pilots the MA-Vess Sable.

Personality & Character

She has black hair tied into two low tails. She has big black eyes.  She seems very shy, but she expresses her emotions in a notebook. The reason why she isn't paired with anyone is because of her lonely attitude. 


During her first year at Kukunochi Academy, Mahmu was chosen (along with her two senpai, Akashi Saginuma and Iwato Namito and temp worker, Emiru Hazaki) to become pilots for IX. (M3: "STARRY NIGHT")


Akashi Saginuma

Akashi is her Senpai.

Emiru Hazaki

Mahmu does not appear to like Emiru



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